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PVE Cranes & Services

lifting and foundation equipment worldwide
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Demag CC2800-1

Capacity: 600 tons
Year: 2006
Price: P.O.R.
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Heavy lifting equipment

PVE Cranes & Services specializes in the sale and rental of crawler cranes, both lifting cranes and duty cycle cranes. PVE Cranes enables you, the client, to perform fast and efficiently on any job.


PVE Cranes & Services is fully aware of the fact that every customer and each country has its own specific requirements for equipment. That’s why PVE Cranes has strategically located offices all over the world.

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PVE Cranes & Services has a strong background in civil,
petrochemical, offshore, power, foundation and marine projects. You can look at several of these projects to inform and convince yourself to do business with experienced professionals.

About PVE

PVE Cranes & Services supplies and maintains lifting and foundation equipment on a global basis. PVE Cranes has six storage yards strategically located all over the world. All the yards worldwide have knowledgeable staff, with years of experience in crawler cranes.

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