Van Es Holding Group

Van Es Holding Group

PVE Cranes & Services is part of the Van Es Holding group.

Whether you need jack-up barges, cranes, foundation and construction equipment, Van Es Holding makes sure you are fully equipped.

The Van Es Holding group of company’s supplies, maintains and services heavy equipment anywhere in the world with local service. We follow the marketplace very closely and scan the market continuously for available equipment. With a considerable inventory of new and late model used equipment in stock, we can respond to the enormous demand from the market. The strength of our company resides in our worldwide network. The joint forces of three specialized companies within the Holding Company enable us to perform fast, efficient, and with a constant high quality at contracting jobs all around the globe, both on-land and offshore.

At the same time, we are able to offer you a one-stop shop for heavy equipment: jack-up barges, cranes and all other foundation, construction and marine equipment. We offer a complete equipment package backed up by a full service capability that few other suppliers can offer.

Our joint forces consist of the Following Companies:

  • Van Es Holding Group
  • PVE Cranes & Services: crawler cranes, mobile cranes and crane parts
  • Jack-Up Barge: self elevating platforms, pontoons and crane barges