Mission Statement

PVE Cranes & Services mission is to become the global leader in crane rental services and heavy lifting & special transport projects. We are able to offer our customers to perform fast and efficient on any job around the world. PVE Cranes & Services is committed to implementing a company-wide policy regarding our employees’ safety and health, protection of the environment and the quality of its services.

Safety and Health conditions

Attention to safety, health and welfare at work is crucial. Every PVE employee is responsible for safeguarding his own safety as well as that of his colleagues and third parties. Any accident or injury is unacceptable and must be prevented. Investigation of the causes must always result in taking suitable prevention measures. Any incident or dangerous situation without injury has to be reported and needs to be investigated very closely. The investigation will give rise to actions to prevent a repetition or something worse.

The environment

Our activities not only need to comply with the needs and requirements of the market but must also be implemented with respect for the environment. PVE is committed to the prevention of pollution and therefore restricts the production of waste and emissions to a minimum; it takes measures to use energy and natural raw materials sparingly, and investigates alternatives to the use of hazardous substances.

Quality Management

PVE Cranes & Services ensures that its clients’ needs are assessed and that every employee understands and is motivated to meet those needs. Striving for integrated quality assurance is part of the company culture at PVE Cranes & Services. This means we are very eager to improve our relations with our clients, employees and partners. Our employees are actively encouraged to look for feedback from both internal and external clients regarding our services.


PVE Cranes & Services is committed to comply with applicable (local) legal requirements and with other requirements to which the organization subscribes related to labor conditions, occupational health and safety hazards and environmental aspects.

Member of the Van Es Holding Group​